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Categories: Mapping Tools   Developer: ALK Technologies, LTD
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Co-Pilot Truck


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Truck-Specific Voice-Guided GPS Navigation with Industry Standard PC*MILER Routing

CoPilot Truck offers an easy to use, intuitive interface with spoken turn-by-turn directions and easy to follow, non-distracting guidance displays. Unlike standard car navigation systems, it calculates efficient routes based on your vehicle profile information, routing parameters and load type, including hazardous materials.

Industry Standard PC*MILER routing

Running conveniently on a wide range of smartphones, tablets and laptops, CoPilot Truck uses street-level ALK Digital Maps™ enhanced with industry standard PC*MILER truck-specific attributes featuring 3.52 million commercial truck restrictions and allowances. With powerful multi-stop routing it effortlessly provides the optimal route for any itinerary, while automatically avoiding commercial truck restrictions to increase efficiency, reduce mileage and help avoid costly fines and vehicle damage.  

* Avoids low bridge clearances and vehicle height, weight/axel weight, width, length restricted roads  

* Avoids truck-prohibited turns and U-turns  

* Avoids Environmental, hazardous (Hazmat) or flammable materials restricted roads  

* Route categories includes Practical, Shortest, National Network, 53' Trailer and Toll Avoidance

Navigation You Can Depend On

Developed over 30 years through partnerships with some of the world's leading truck manufacturers and fleets, CoPilot Truck is packed with advanced navigation technology that professional drivers can trust. CoPilot Truck offers an easy to use, intuitive interface with spoken turn-by-turn directions and easy to follow, non-distracting guidance displays. Cleary displayed automatic alerts appear on-screen to warn the driver of upcoming potential hazards. With millions of useful Points of Interest (POIs) including truck services and weigh stations and the ability to generate state mileage logs, CoPilot Truck provides all the information a professional driver needs on-route.

Key Driver Benefits  

* Increases driver efficiency and compliance

* Reduces fuel costs and emissions through efficient routing

* Reduces risk of bridge strikes and collisions

* Millions of POIs including truck-specific categories

* Improved driver safety through eliminating paper maps and reducing distraction

* More affordable than dedicated or built-in truck navigation systems

* It runs on your choice of mobile device, so portable between vehicles or for use in car

* Advanced warnings about potential hazards on your route

CoPilot Truck Features...

3D or 2D Driving Views:

Choose either 3D or 2D map driving views with speed-variable zoom and full street names.

Live Local Search:

Search the Internet to find thousands of nearby businesses, products, services or stores. *Requires a Mobile Internet Connection

Lane Assist:

Real sign post information combined with lane indicator arrows provide clear guidance to which lane to take at complex interchanges.

ActiveTraffic™ (optional subscription):

Use real-time traffic conditions to calculate the fastest route around traffic jams and provide an accurate ETA to your destination. *Requires a Mobile Internet Connection

CoPilot ClearTurn™:

Get a clear, realistic view on the approach to complex interchanges.

Live Weather:

Check the weather forecast on-route or at your destination. *Requires a Mobile Internet Connection


Text-to-Speech voice guidance provides clear, detailed turn instructions including full street names.

Advanced Routing Settings:

Adjustable routing settings to best suit your journey, including: fastest or shortest route and avoid tolls

Driver Safety View:

To avoid distraction while driving, Driver Safety View displays at-a-glance instructions with a large arrow of the upcoming turn. A map display only appears at the approach of a turn.

Route Preview:

Preview your route before your journey for the ultimate in trip-planning.

Driver Friendly Display:

An uncluttered navigation display designed to guide you clearly without unnecessary distraction

Routing Profiles:

Create and save customized routing profiles based on your favorite routing options.

Day & Night Modes:

Automatic day/night display to reduce screen glare.

Customizable Status Bar:

Tailor your navigation status bar display with ETA, distance to destination, nearest town, current speed and more.

Itinerary View:

See a turn-by-turn list of directions of your journey.

Alternative Modes of Travel:

Leave the car? Change your navigation to reflect your mode of travel: Walking, Bicycle, Motorcycle or RV.

Millions of POIs:

Navigate to millions of pre-loaded Points-of-interest or dial a POI directly by simply tapping on-screen.

Plan or Edit Trip:

Plan multiple-stop trips with unique stops and optimizer to calculate the most efficient route.

My Places:

Quickly navigate to commonly visited locations, Home, Work, Favorites and Recent places.

POI Alerts:

Set POI alerts to help you find useful places on route.

Photo Navigation:

Navigate directly to a geo-tagged photograph.


View the location of your CoPilot Live equipped friends on your map and exchange text messages live from your device. *Requires a Mobile Internet Connection


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